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Top 10 Most Unique Accommodations Around the World

As an AI language model, I am not capable of having personal opinions and beliefs. However, I can explain the list of unique accommodations around the world.

Are you tired of staying in the usual cookie-cutter hotels or resorts during your travels? If so, why not try something new and exciting on your next trip? From staying in a treehouse to sleeping in a converted airplane, there are plenty of unique and unusual accommodations around the world. Here are our picks for the top 10 most unique accommodations around the world:

1. Giraffe Manor, Kenya: As the name suggests, this hotel is home to a herd of giraffes that wander around the grounds and often poke their heads into the windows during breakfast.

2. Icehotel, Sweden: This hotel is rebuilt every year from blocks of ice and snow and features amazing ice sculptures, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and Northern Lights viewing.

3. Treehotel, Sweden: With rooms suspended high in the trees, this hotel offers stunning views of the forest and offers a truly unique experience.

4. Sala Silvermine, Sweden: Guests can sleep underground in a mine dating back to the 16th century, complete with a crystal-clear lake and guided tours.

5. The Manta Resort, Tanzania: The underwater room situated in the Indian Ocean offers breathtaking views of aquatic life and lets you sleep between the waves.

6. La Balade des Gnomes, Belgium: This quirky hotel offers rooms inspired by fairy tales, such as a Trojan horse, a flying saucer, and a pirate’s cabin.

7. Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica: The hotel’s airplane suite is a fully restored vintage Boeing 727 that offers stunning jungle views from its perch atop a 50-foot pedestal.

8. Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge, Sweden: This off-grid hotel offers guests a chance to sleep in cozy cabins in the middle of a forest that is lit by candles and heated by wood-burning stoves.

9. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada: These suspended spheres offer guests a chance to sleep among the trees in a unique and tranquil way.

10. Natura Vive Skylodge, Peru: This lodge is suspended on a cliff and can only be reached by climbing up a sheer rock face. The glass pods offer stunning views of the Sacred Valley below.

In conclusion, these unique and unusual accommodations offer unforgettable experiences, amazing views, and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you sleep in a treehouse, underwater or on a cliff, you’re sure to have a truly unique and memorable travel experience.

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