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Meadows in the Mountains Festival – Bulgaria

In the heart of the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, amidst sweeping vistas and towering peaks, lies a unique celebration of music, art, and community known as the Meadows in the Mountains (MITM) Festival. Each year, this idyllic location, located near the village of Polkovnik Serafimovo, transforms into a vibrant playground for artists and festival-goers from around the world, who converge to revel in an atmosphere of creative collaboration and shared joy.

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The MITM Festival is not your typical music festival. It’s a gathering that blurs the boundaries between audience and performers, locals and visitors, art and nature. This fusion results in an immersive cultural experience that deeply resonates with those who attend.

The festival is renowned for its eclectic music lineup, featuring a blend of genres from electronic and techno to folk, funk, and soul. Beyond music, the festival presents a rich tapestry of artistic expressions, from mesmerizing installations and performances to engaging workshops that foster creativity and learning.

At its core, MITM embraces an ethos of sustainability and community. Attendees are encouraged to respect the pristine natural surroundings and contribute positively to the local village community. This eco-conscious and community-centric approach enhances the festival’s appeal, making it more than just an event, but a movement that resonates with a growing number of conscious travellers and music lovers.

Experience the Meadows in the Mountains Festival, and immerse yourself in a celebration that harmoniously blends music, art, nature, and community into a memorable experience.

Music at the Meadows in the Mountains Festival

The Meadows in the Mountains (MITM) Festival is renowned for its eclectic and diverse music lineup, which forms a significant part of the festival’s appeal. The music at the festival covers a broad spectrum of genres, offering something for every type of music lover.

Variety of Genres: One of the defining features of MITM is the wide array of musical genres presented. The festival features a mix of electronic and techno music, which tends to dominate the late-night sessions, but it also offers a range of other styles including folk, jazz, funk, soul, and world music. This diversity ensures that the festival can cater to a wide range of musical tastes and preferences.

Global Artists: The festival attracts an array of international and local artists. These range from emerging talents who are making their mark on the music scene to more established acts. The global nature of the lineup underscores the festival’s commitment to fostering a multicultural and inclusive atmosphere.

Intimate Performances: Given the festival’s remote location and relatively small size compared to mainstream music festivals, performances at MITM often have a more intimate and personal feel. Artists perform on multiple stages set against the backdrop of the stunning Rhodope Mountains, creating a unique and enchanting environment for both performers and attendees.

Integration with Other Arts: Music at MITM is often integrated with other forms of artistic expression. Performances might be accompanied by visual art installations, dance, or theatrical elements, adding another dimension to the musical experience.

Arts and Culture at the Meadows in the Mountains Festival

The third key feature of the Meadows in the Mountains (MITM) festival is its focus on arts and culture. The festival is not merely a music event, but rather a multidimensional celebration of various forms of artistic expression.

Workshops: MITM hosts a series of workshops run by professionals and enthusiasts in their respective fields. These could range from yoga and meditation sessions to art and craft classes, dance workshops, and even ecological and sustainability-themed discussions. These workshops offer festival-goers a chance to learn new skills, engage with interesting concepts, and interact in a deeper, more meaningful way with fellow attendees.

Art Installations and Performances: The festival site is often adorned with a variety of art installations, transforming the natural landscape into a surreal and captivating open-air art gallery. These installations, often created by local and international artists, enhance the visual appeal of the festival and stimulate thoughtful dialogue. Additionally, spontaneous performances such as fire spinning, acrobatics, and live painting often occur, adding a dynamic and spontaneous element to the festival experience.

Community Art Projects: In keeping with the festival’s community ethos, there are often collaborative art projects where festival attendees can contribute. This could involve contributing to a large-scale mural or a communal sculpture, creating a sense of shared ownership and community.

In essence, arts and culture at MITM extend beyond mere observation and appreciation. They are an immersive, participatory experience that allows attendees to engage with art in a personal and meaningful way while fostering a sense of community and shared creativity. As with other aspects of the festival, please check the latest updates from the festival’s official sources for the most recent and detailed information.

The Meadows in the Mountains Festival and Sustainability

The fourth key characteristic of the Meadows in the Mountains (MITM) festival is its commitment to sustainability. The festival is deeply conscious of its environmental impact and has taken several steps to ensure that it operates as sustainably as possible.

Waste Management and Recycling: The festival encourages a “leave no trace” policy, urging festival-goers to take responsibility for their waste and leave the natural surroundings as they found them. They provide recycling facilities throughout the site and encourage participants to use them. Some editions of the festival have also introduced composting initiatives to manage organic waste responsibly.

Eco-friendly Initiatives: MITM often incorporates eco-friendly initiatives into its programming. For example, the festival may host workshops or discussions about sustainability, helping to raise awareness and educate festival-goers about environmental issues. There may also be activities that directly contribute to environmental preservation, such as tree-planting events.

Support for Local Economy: MITM is committed to supporting the local economy in a sustainable way. They work closely with the local community in Polkovnik Serafimovo and the surrounding areas, and they encourage the use of local resources, services, and products wherever possible.

Sustainable Travel: The festival encourages participants to consider their environmental impact when planning their travel to and from the festival. They often provide information on more sustainable travel options, like shared transportation.

The festival’s commitment to sustainability reflects a growing trend in the events and festival industry, recognizing that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet. These sustainable practices help ensure that MITM can continue to offer an incredible experience for attendees while minimizing its environmental footprint. As with other aspects of the festival, always check the latest updates from the festival’s official sources for the most recent and detailed information.

The Meadows in the Mountains Festival and the Community

The fifth notable aspect of the Meadows in the Mountains (MITM) Festival is its strong sense of community. This community focus is manifested in several ways:

Local Engagement: The festival fosters a strong relationship with the local community of Polkovnik Serafimovo and the surrounding areas. Local residents are often directly involved in the festival, providing services such as food, accommodation, and transportation. This collaboration ensures that the benefits of the festival extend to the local community, contributing to the local economy.

Collaborative Atmosphere: The festival encourages an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect among festival-goers. This is facilitated through shared experiences like workshops, communal art projects, and shared accommodation in the form of camping. These experiences promote interaction and bonding among attendees, fostering a sense of shared community.

Inclusivity and Respect: MITM is committed to creating an inclusive and respectful environment. The festival welcomes attendees from diverse backgrounds and promotes a culture of respect and mutual appreciation. This commitment to inclusivity enhances the sense of community at the festival, creating a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere.

Shared Responsibility: Attendees at MITM are encouraged to see themselves as part of the festival community and to take shared responsibility for the festival’s success. This could involve adhering to the festival’s environmental policies, respecting local customs, or contributing to communal activities. This sense of shared responsibility further strengthens the sense of community at the festival.

In essence, the sense of community at MITM goes beyond the duration of the festival itself, contributing to a sense of lasting connection and shared experience among festival-goers and the local community.


The Meadows in the Mountains (MITM) Festival, nestled in the breathtaking Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, is far more than a mere music festival. It is a dynamic, immersive, and transformative experience that harmoniously blends diverse genres of music, various forms of artistic expression, a commitment to sustainability, and a deep sense of community into an unforgettable celebration.

At its core, MITM is a reflection of a new era of festivals, one that values not only entertainment but also engagement, inclusivity, and respect for both the environment and local communities. The festival’s ability to offer an eclectic mix of music, coupled with its focus on creative arts, its eco-friendly ethos, and its dedication to local communities, sets it apart in the world of global festivals.

Festival-goers leave MITM not just with memories of incredible performances and breathtaking views, but also with a renewed sense of connectivity, a deeper appreciation for nature and art, and an uplifted spirit fostered by the shared experience.

In conclusion, the Meadows in the Mountains Festival embodies a beautiful harmony of celebration and consciousness, offering a unique experience that continues to resonate with attendees long after the final notes of music have faded into the mountain air. For music lovers and seekers of unique cultural experiences, it is an event that should not be missed. As always, check the festival’s official sources for the most recent and accurate information.

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