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How to Survive a Long Layover with your Sanity Intact

A long layover can be one of the most frustrating and exhausting aspects of travel. Whether you’re waiting between flights, struggling to kill time, or trying to find a place to rest, long layovers can take a toll on both your mind and body. However, with a few simple tips, surviving a long layover with your sanity intact is entirely possible.

1. Find a comfortable spot

The first step in surviving a long layover is to find a comfortable spot. Whether you prefer a cozy lounge chair, a quiet corner, or a secluded area, make sure that you have a place to relax and unwind. If you’re traveling with family or friends, look for spots where you can all sit together or take turns keeping an eye on each other’s belongings while going for a walk.

2. Keep yourself entertained

Another important aspect of surviving a long layover is to keep yourself entertained. Bring along a good book, download some movies, or carry a few board games to play with others. Many airports also have free Wi-Fi, so you can also take advantage of that to catch up on some work, chat with family and friends, or even surf the web.

3. Plan ahead

Before you leave home, research the airport you’ll be stopping at and identify anything that might be of interest, such as interesting shops or restaurants. Take note of where the restrooms and water fountains are located, and scope out any charging areas you might need.

4. Stay hydrated

Traveling can be dehydrating, so it’s important to stay hydrated while waiting for your next flight. Carry a refillable water bottle and fill it up when you get the chance. If you are traveling internationally, remember in some countries the tap water is not drinkable, so buy bottled water.

5. Take a walk

If you’ve been sitting for a long time, take the time to get up and stretch your legs. Walk around the terminal, explore the shops, and breathe in some fresh air. This can help get your blood flowing and prevent any cramping or stiffness.

6. Consider a lounge pass

Airline lounges can offer a comfortable and quiet place to relax while waiting for your next flight. These lounges usually have amenities like Wi-Fi, complimentary snacks and drinks, and even showers. If you’ve got a long layover, it might be worth purchasing a lounge pass to give yourself a break from the busy airport terminal.

In conclusion, surviving a long layover requires patience, organization and a little bit of creativity. By finding a comfortable spot, keeping yourself entertained, planning ahead, staying hydrated, taking a walk, and considering a lounge pass, you’ll be well on your way to surviving your long layovers with your sanity intact.

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